aruba instant on accesspoints
aruba instant on accesspoints

Aruba Instant On AP15 (RW) 4×4 11ac Wave2 Indoor Access Point

Aruba Instant On AP15 Indoor Access Points deliver affordable, premium-grade Wave 2 802.11ac Wi-Fi for medium-density small business environments requiring high performance and bandwidth. Business-grade capabilities are designed to meet the mobile, IoT, and security needs of tech-start-ups and retail stores at an attractive price point.
The compact form factor delivers reliable and affordable multi-user capabilities and an aggregate peak data rate of 2 Gbps to support high-definition video streaming and cloud application requirements. These Aruba Instant On AP15 Indoor Access Points (AP) also come with a built-in controller to simplify deployment, making it easy to install and manage multiple access points without requiring extensive IT experience, additional hardware, or software applications. 
The Aruba Instant On AP15 Indoor APs are designed for small business deployments demanding high-traffic, high-performance network environments like tech-start-ups and co-working spaces.

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